Snow Removal

The winters can be very harsh on your property, and features that were looked after well for the rest of the year, can end up getting damaged when the snow falls thick. Icy roads and snow blocked driveways are all back with a bang. Not only do these obstruct movement, but they also become a distinct safety hazard.

This is why it becomes important to ensure that all the snow is removed from the driveways, pathways, sidewalks as well as the rest of your landscaping. We at Amity Landscape LLC are one of the leading snow removal companies in the region and cater to residential and commercial customers in and around Tuscola, Arcola, Mattoon, Arthur, and Sullivan too.

We have years of experience behind us and know what it takes to provide customers the kind of solutions they need. In fact, we have built such a strong customer base that whenever property owners need snow plowing services, the first company they think of is ours.

Why Customers Prefer To Hire Our Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Arthur, IL

We understand that snow removal services are typically required on an emergency basis and our personnel are on call and quick to respond when you call us with your requirement. There are a number of reasons why customers opt for our residential and commercial snow removal services, such as:
  • We are fully insured- this means in case of any damage (which is rare), your property is covered. We are very particular to ensure that the interests of our clients are protected at all times
  • All our personnel are highly skilled and experienced and they undergo regular training to keep their skills sharp. They work efficiently and quickly and clear out all the snow from the outdoor spaces on your property, within the shortest possible time.
  • Our company uses eco-friendly, mild yet effective de-icing sands and salts in our work and this ensures your plantings come to no harm
  • No damage is caused to all the landscaping features while our personnel are clearing snow from your property
  • We have a large team and use the latest snow plowing equipment in our work
  • All the work will be carried out in an organized and calm manner and we have highly responsible supervisors overseeing the operation. You won’t really see us getting overwhelmed even when the snowstorm is particularly severe
  • We examine the site and then draw a plan for the residential snow plowing job.

Snow Plowing Projects We Handle

We use advanced equipment such as snow shoveling machines, snow blowers, quad-axle dump trucks, snow pushers, quad-axle dump trucks, heavy-duty loaders heavy-duty loaders, commercial-grade salt spreaders etc. A variety of manual tools are also used to remove snow from the difficult-to-reach places and we provide snow removal services for:
  • Individual houses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Public parking lots
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Private small business properties
  • Hospitals
  • Church parking lots
  • Sportsplexes and Gyms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Corporate Office buildings
  • Government Buildings

For any more information about our snow removal services, call 217-202-1001. You can also connect with Amity Landscape LLC using this contact us form and send us your queries. We will respond within the shortest possible time.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in IL: