Shrub Care

Shrub Care

Amity Landscape LLC offers regular treatments to protect the plantings on your property, from pests and disease. It's crucial to keep the shrubs healthy; they have to be provided proper nutrition as the shrubs that are weaker are much more susceptible to pests and disease. We have a very comprehensive shrub care treatment to ensure that your plants receive the protection they need, right round the year. We have handled a large number of projects for customers in and around Tuscola, Arcola, Mattoon, Arthur and Sullivan.

Our clients across Tuscola, Arcola, Mattoon, Arthur and Sullivan vouch for our services and they know that when they opt for our shrub care packages, they have the best professionals handling the job.

Shrub Maintenance- Different Aspects

We are a company that has always been at the fore of this space and over the years have served residential as well as commercial customers across the region. When we handle maintenance of shrubs, the different things that we do are:

Shrub Care

  • Any ornamental shrubs that are less than 5 years old will be fertilized at least 3 times, annually. The applications will typically be made in February, May & September.
  • Any shrubs that are over 5 years will be fertilized at least twice a year-once in March and then in September. The shrubs that are in the lawn areas are the ones that are exposed to lawn fertilizations - these won't be fertilized.
  • We follow Integrated Pest Management - this helps control weeds, diseases and insects on the shrubs as well as on your perennials, trees and vines.
  • We also carry out regular monitoring as well as spot treatment as required and use the least toxic methods.
  • Our experts will remove weeds from the base of the shrubs; these could be removed either manually or mechanically.
  • If we notice any heavy infestations, herbicides may be used to deal with them
  • All the shrubs will also be pruned manually or by hand to ensure that they have the right fullness and shape
  • All the ornamentals and perennials will be cut back in the course of fall pruning. We will also lightly thin and shape all the evergreen and deciduous shrubs.
  • The fall pruning will be done soon after the first frost

Shrub Care

  • The existing mulch areas will also be replenished with mulch once a year. Deep root fertilization will be carried out once during spring and once during fall. This helps keep the soil healthy

Shrub Care Treatments

All these above shrub care treatments go a long way to maintain the health of the shrubs on your property. In many ways this also helps maintain the integrity of the overall landscaping. Healthy plants means there are fewer insects and fewer diseases.

We are very detailed in our approach to our work and ensure that organic materials are used and eco-friendly methods are incorporated in our projects. For more information, call Amity Landscape LLC at 217-202-1001. You can also use this contact us form to send us your queries. We will revert within the shortest possible time.

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